• Allows you to make passive income as the value of your property will continuously increase over the years.
  • Extended deposit structure of only having to put a limited amount of funds down over the construction cycle of the project is a very attractive way to eventually own real estate in the GTA and surrounding areas.
  • Own a brand new property rather than an existing property of the similar price. Overall, it will be less maintenance or repairs as it is brand new and will also have the warranty.
  • Ability to invest your money and possibly own the property or even sell it before you close as some builders offer assignment sales.
  • No bidding wars that will influence you to pay more as the prices are clear and firm in pre-construction.
  • Full creative control as you can choose the flooring, finishes and paint colors. This will allow you to create your dream living space from start to finish.
  • One of the best options for investors, first-time home buyers and downsizers to buy a brand new customized property using the extended deposit structure.

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