Jen Dsouza | 01 Dec 2021 | 2 min read

Enjoy Your Age Visiting Your Cottage

10 Ways that Visiting the Cottage Soothes the Soul…

Since the pandemic, interest in owning a cottage has never been higher. Canada is a beautiful and unique country. A cottage provides a front-row seat to what this land has to offer. Cottages are more than a passive real estate investment; they act as a sanctuary where families can come to unwind. The cottage experience provides you with a connection to nature, friends, and family. There’s no place quite like a cottage which is why it’s so special.

Here are 10 ways the cottage experience can help soothe the soul:

1)  Breathing in the Northern Air - The clean, pollution-free air at the cottage helps you feel better and have the deepest, most restful sleep.

2)  Being close to water lowers stress levels from the city - Scientifically humans have always concentrated settlements close to the water's edge whether it be to the ocean, lake, or stream. The view of the water helps us to feel connected to our surroundings.

3)  Small jobs equals satisfaction - There is something different about doing little jobs and fix-its at the cottage. No job seems too daunting or stressful when you’re at the cottage. The hard work provides cottage owners with satisfaction.

4)  Experiencing nature's four seasons - Cottages are typically associated with the hot summer months. There’s nothing better than refreshing swims and exhilarating boat rides. Experiencing the land during winter, spring and fall come with other unique benefits. Skating on the lake during the winter is a true wonder. Walking through the fall leaves can also be spectacular. Watching a movie during the spring showers can also be relaxing. Every season offers enjoyable experiences.

5)  Enjoying the night sky - With no light pollution, there is nothing more amazing than viewing the clear northern sky with the naked eye and noticing all the details that can’t be seen from the city.

6) Watching the family pets enjoy the experience as much as people - There is nothing as satisfying as seeing your dog respond to the cottage environment. They love jumping off the dock, swimming, and experiencing the nature-rich environment.

7)  Morning coffee on the deck while the sun rises - In the city coffee represents waking up to a job and responsibilities. At the cottage, an early morning coffee enjoyed in the serene beauty off the dock takes on a whole new experience.

8) Enjoying the sounds, sights, and smells of nature on a kayak - As Canadians, we understand the feeling you get when canoeing or kayaking around a lake. It is truly part of our national identity. There’s nothing better than silently gliding through the water while observing aquatic life.

9)  BBQ-ing dinner with a view - Cooking in nature is an inspiring experience. It becomes a real joy rather than a chore because of the gorgeous views.

10) Bringing the whole family together - Cottages provide a central place for extended families to reconnect. Grandkids learn to play board games from their grandparents. Everyone can unplug from their devices and enjoy their family, after all, what could be more important than that?

A cottage can heal the spirit and soothe the soul. It is a place to unwind and enjoy each other's company. There is truly something for everyone whether that be tubing, canoeing, cooking, or hiking. Cottages are one of Canada’s most precious gifts.